Major Violators

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Major Violators

Major Violators: Los Angeles

Major Violators: Los Angeles was originally conceived as a television series that would keep viewers hooked from just the pilot. There are other television series about police officers, but none can compare to Major Violators and its accuracy, suspense, and action right from the start. While it eventually transformed into the published book it is now, Jack never gave up hope of a small screen adaptation. On April 7, 2016, he met with acclaimed film directors Michael Mann and Antione Fuqua to discuss options and begin work on a revised pilot script. While nothing is set in stone yet, readers and fans of the book should stay tuned!

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One response to “Major Violators: Los Angeles”

  1. Kieron Foley says:

    AWESOME Jack! Congratulations! I am sure this will be a great read because of your many years and experiences with LAPD. Can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!

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