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I Never Thought I’d Say This: Who Needs Assault Rifles?

Unless you were hiding under a rock, on Sunday, October 1st, a nightmare unfolded in Las Vegas.

As many of you know, I was a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, where I spent 25 years serving a city, that was a living oxymoron-Beautifully Dangerous. I am a strong believer in the 2nd amendment of the Constitution, BUT there is something I don’t believe should be open for debate. Any type of assault rifle and the accessories that are available to convert to full-auto, should be banned from ownership by all citizens. If you can’t defend your home or your family with a handgun, shotgun or rifle then you have no right to own a firearm. What happened in Las Vegas was absolutely horrible.

Police and military should be the only personnel allowed to possess a weapon of that caliber. No body needs an assault rifle to defend themselves.

My family lost a friend at the hand of that psycho! He was 32 years old, an Army veteran with four tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was a good guy, that was in Vegas with his friends to enjoy some great music. Chris won’t get to spend any holidays with his family or friends. I’m horrified at what happened and deeply pained at losing Chris.

I am sick and tired of the debate about gun control. Everyone should be thoroughly scrutinized, their backgrounds checked and highly trained. Most people shoot less than thirty rounds on a range, then take a test and consider themselves proficient.

The bump stock that was affixed to the rifle the Vegas Shooter had should never have been deregulated and sold on the open market. What is the purpose to shoot that many rounds, the only thing I can think of, is to kill innocent people.

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Be good to each other and remember every single day is precious.


God Bless,


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5 responses to “I Never Thought I’d Say This: Who Needs Assault Rifles?”

  1. Mark Cahill says:

    You know what; I never felt this way before, but I’m starting to see your point. Gonna piss a lot of my friends off. Bump stick should be gone. 100 round magazines; for what? Still working on the rifles.

  2. Cassandra says:

    My fear is the worst case scenario. What if the antifa went completely nuts (like they are claiming to do next month) and things got out of hand? Or what if we were invaded by another country and our country became like a Mad Max movie? Honestly, these days, nothing would surprise me.
    These are extreme examples I know, but if they were to happen I’d be happy if a man who knew how to use weapons lived next door.

    I am very sorry to learn that you lost a friend in the horrible tragedy. His family & friends must be devistated. No one deserves that. I pray for comfort for all.

  3. It is very hard to loose friends in such a senseless way. I have been praying for all those touched by this evil act. If you are looking for some answers, you might find them on my site.

  4. Sorry you knew one of the victims Jack. The entire tragic event is so sickening and saddening. I too think that bump stocks should be banned. I also believe in our right to bear arms. Thank you Jack. God is blessing you through this too. Donna

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