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Major Violators


I know many of you already know this and I’m preaching to the choir, but we live in a great country that provides each and every citizen with many, many freedoms.

When Americans talk about freedoms, there are a plethora of symbolism representing them.  Two that come to mind are the Statue of Liberty and the White House.

There is one symbolism that sticks out  to me, and that  is the hummingbird. What a more visible representation of spiritual essence, beauty and fearlessness.  There are times when you have to make a difficult decision or taking a path to achieve a goal. There are obstacles that symbolize the need for endurance and perseverance. That little bird, by it’s mere existence pushes us to say, “Hell Ya! I Can, I Will and I Believe!”

Take a moment to think about what I’m saying. A hummingbird by definition is a small bird, never reaching a length greater than 5.12 inches. The average weight is around 0.141 ounce. Tiny by comparison to the symbolism of brute strength.

They have been documented taking a 3,000 mile, non-stop journey each way during it’s migration from Central America into North America, as far north as Alaska. At one point during their migration they fly over 500 miles of open water. In the food chain, they are at the bottom. They work hard, every day of their lives to provide for their family and to survive!

Some of the symbolism surround that beautiful little bird:

  1. Love
  2. Endurance, Flexibility and Adaptability
  3. Spiritual Essence
  4. Essence of Joy and Enthusiasm.

When life stares you in the face and you feel like you can’t go on. Think about the hummingbird and what it stands for, I promise you, your outlook on life will definitely change.

Be Good To Yourself and Each Other,




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  1. Brooke Abbott says:

    I have never thought of the hummingbird as a symbol for anything, much less a symbol for Freedom. But I will now. And since I see them a lot, they will be a constant reminder of Freedom and Opportunity. Thank you for the insight I never would have gotten to myself.

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