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Major Violators

2017, WHAT A YEAR!

Last year, I ended with a blog about the number of police officers murdered in the United States. Unfortunately, the assaults against police continue.

I gave it a ton of thought to what I felt was necessary to end 2017. I have to be honest with you, that I was stuck on what to write about. Everyone that reads this, I consider too be very smart people. I respect each one of you, for who you are are what you contribute to life. As a human being, I believe we should never stop learning. Learning new things, whether they be about technology, world politics, health, disease, science, etc.

I took a look at the stories that grabbed the headlines. It ranged from political stories, about the weather, the senseless attacks on our brave men and women in law enforcement and the military,  politics, plus the big story that has grabbed the headlines… You’d have to spent the past months living under a rock, without further adieu the ridiculous, childish and criminal behavior of Harvey Weinstein and the lot.

Can you believe the stories that have come out of this? There were 46 top stories related to the sexual battery/harassment and rape by people of notoriety. Well those people have become notorious.

I support these fine ladies for the courage they continue to display. As a retired detective, where I worked Sex Crimes for five years, the stories I heard were really pale in comparison.

The sensational and shocking news of 2017 has one thing in common. PEOPLE ARE TREATING OTHER PEOPLE, VERY BADLY! Can you believe it? What the hell is wrong with the world.?

In the 60’s they wrote great, melodic songs about peace, love and kindness.  By today standards they might sound corny, but I love listening to the words and what the writer/artist is saying.

As a society, starting fresh as of 2018, we need to treat each other with respect, love and kindness. I’m not a pie in the sky believer that those three things are the answer, but let me tell you, it’s a great start.

It’s not only a great start, but while you practice doing it, your blood pressure will be the best it ever was. I’ve started it and to be honest with you, it feels great. Not being upset the majority of the time feels great.

Don’t get me wrong, that will happen with you and me, but if we can have a change up, like they do in baseball, life will be fantastic for all of us.

I wish all of you the best in 2018. I want each one of you to prosper, achieve the goals you set for yourself and be kind to yourself and others.

Be Good To Each Other and Bless You,


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2 responses to “2017, WHAT A YEAR!”

  1. Sloan Shore says:

    They say, you get back what you put out to the world. It is time to put a lot of love and kindness out to the world and it starts around you. You, as in in all of us, can be that change we want to see.

    Happy New Year and love and light to the world!

  2. Thank you Jack. You are right on here.

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