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140/64/20… What A Year 2016 Was

I want to begin by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I pray 2017 is a prosperous, healthy and safe year for each and everyone that is reading this.

As you may know by now, I’m a retired detective from the Los Angeles Police Department. I spent 25 years in law enforcement, working with the best cops in the world.  When I say, the best, I’m not exaggerating. Men and women that worked those mean streets, risking their lives to keep the public safe. After you retire, you have time to reflect on those you worked with and I want to personally thank them for their service and for having my back.

We worked high profile cases, chasing the most dangerous people that lived. I never once, felt unsafe, even when we were suited up in tactical gear, about to breach a door, and enter a building to arrest the bad guys.

Law enforcement has been under attack the past 12 months. When I say under attack, I mean that literally. 2016 was a year, that I hope doesn’t resurrect itself anytime soon.

You are probably wondering what 140/64/20 means. I’m going to explain that right now. I know many of you, that read this may have your doubts about the men and women in law enforcement, but please believe me when I say, they go to work every day, leaving the safety of their homes to protect the fine citizens in the communities they serve at all cost and sometimes that cost is their lives.

140 is the number of police officers that were killed in the line of duty during 2016. It was the most deadly year in  25 years.

64 are the number of police officers that were murdered with firearms by suspects.

20 are the number of law enforcement police officers killed in ambushes.

The following states had at least one police officer shot and killed in the line of duty in 2016:

  1. Alaska                                            10. Louisiana                           19. North Dakota            28. Virginia
  2. Arizona                                          11.  Maryland                           20. Ohio                           29. Washington
  3. Arkansas                                       12. Massachusetts                   21. Oregon                       30. Wisconsin
  4. California                                      13. Michigan                            22. Pennsylvania
  5. Colorado                                        14. Mississippi                        23. Puerto Rico
  6. Georgia                                          15. Missouri                             24. South Carolina
  7. Indiana                                          16. New Mexico                       25. Tennessee
  8. Iowa                                               17. New York                            26. Texas
  9. Kansas                                           18. North Carolina                  27. Utah

The next time you have an opportunity to thank a police officer for what they do for a living, take that moment. They really do appreciate it.

I recommend a website you can visit to find out more details involving officers killed in your state:  (Officer Down Memorial Page)

Be Good To Yourself and Each Other,


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One response to “140/64/20… What A Year 2016 Was”

  1. Brooke Abbott says:

    I so appreciate our law enforcement officers. I think it is a shame that those who put their lives between danger and others are being, themselves attacked. God bless our police officers. You are in my prayers.

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